Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Quick Update on My Juicing Adventures

For those who missed my last post, I began juicing about May 18th. I am determined to lose the forty pounds I have put on in the last couple of years. About fifteen pounds jumped to replace the smoking monkey I had on my back. That monkey keeps trying to jump back on, and we have had repeated scuffles. 

I refuse to discuss what my weight was when I started this juicing adventure. Let me just say, the four times I have tipped the scales that high in the past, I was pregnant.

I was only able to continue the total juicing diet four days. I have challenges with will power and I got HUNGRY. 

So, I started eating the swill. That's the pulp left over after one puts the fruits and veggies through the juicer. After four days of only drinking juice, the swill was DELICIOUS cooked as a gruel. The addition of a little Greek seasoning really helped. I lost eight pounds, and used four rolls of toilet paper in four days. 

I continued juicing twice a day, and ate plenty of fresh veggies, fruit, eggs, and tuna.

The juicer died last week... after less than a month of use. Bad news, I threw out the box. No box, no return. Good news. I wrote Black and Decker and got an email saying they will replace it, after I jump through a couple of hoops. I am working to get both feet of the ground... at the same time... without sitting down.

(If you will click on this link, Mary Kincaid has her thoughts this week on gadget boxes.) 

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would suggest the possibility that manufactures of gadgets implant a data strip thread in their boxes. If that data strip is not within x number of feet of the product, its absence triggers a switch within the gadget, causing the gadget to fail. This theory reveals the truth of the ultimate in planned obsolescence. 

Hey! I write fiction as well as non-fiction. 

However, I already believed everything Snowden said, before he said it. And let me say for the record, to those who know me, I TOLD YOU SO!  

Hmmm. I wonder what Snowden would say about the data strip in the box theory?

But, back to the juicing, weight loss, and getting healthier. 

My sister surprised me with the gift of a fancy-schmancy treadmill a few days after I bought the juicer. 

The treadmill is a way for me to combat peripheral artery disease. When I began on the treadmill, I could only walk two minutes at l mph before my legs cramped, seized up and my calves would become as hard as concrete. I can't begin to describe the pain. Just think, charlie-horses in both calves and feet... at the same time. I have doubled my endurance time, and speed, and have gotten a little smarter. I only walk until it starts to hurt before I quit. A little pain, a little gain. But I would say doubling both speed and time is pretty good in a month.

I have done no juicing for a week. I continue eating fresh fruits, veggies, eggs, tuna, and have added some chicken.

And, as of today, stripped naked, and leaning a little to the left on my scale, I HAVE LOST 17 POUNDS! 

Woo hoo!

My motivation? All the professionals were doing, was telling me to watch my diet and giving me more, and more medications. I wasn't getting any better. My diabetes glucose levels continued to climb, (even with controlling carbs) and I was instructed to increase the volume of insulin,  an additonal kind,was added, and I had to increase the number of injections.  

And, of course, I want to feel better because I have two books coming out soon. One fiction and one non-fiction. I need to be in condition to get out and hustle those babies.

Also, some of my friends suggested we need to become leopards. 

Is that right? Suzanne K? Carolyn B, were you going to join us? 

 I was a Wildcat in high school. A Mighty, Mighty, Wildcat.

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