Saturday, April 12, 2014

What Combination of Social Media and/or “Something Other” Has Provided You the Most Success in Marketing?

Those who know me know my limited talents. I write and I talk. I write and talk about subjects for which I have a passion— be it social inequality, telling a story, the virtues of a new product, or a new way of doing something. I’m also a curious person. I want to know how things work. I am technologically challenged when it comes to what button to push or which program to use. However, I am determined to plow through.

I keep hearing in this world of the internet and all things digital, I need to “build a brand.” I have yet to figure out exactly what that means. I took a hiatus from writing a blog so I could concentrate on learning how to build a website and put finishing touches on two books for publication. And, I am in the process of taking a course entitled “Social Media for Dummies.” (Book 1) (Book 2)

 Now I am back writing my blog. I have decided on a different approach. I want this blog to be an exchange of information, not necessarily me telling the reader about what little I know. I am expanding my curious self. I am looking to my readers and followers to provide answers through their comments so everyone can learn. The question I put forth today is: What Combination of Social Media and/or “Something Other” has Provided You the Most Success in Marketing?” Feel free to add links within the body of your comment to whatever it is you are marketing be it a book or a product. (Links must be suitable for all audiences and links that do not answer the question will be removed.)

So please, share your successes or your what worked "bests!"

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